Thank you for buying LAST DAYS OF DOOM. Over 150K of text and around 218 'rooms' await you! We hope you find the adventure as least as challenging as COUNTDOWN and RETURN TO DOOM.

ACCOMPANIED by your trusty robot dog (who's as much of a nuisance and a help as before) you'll have to deal with squashed spaceships, renegade robots, slow beings, a ruined city - in fact a host of original Killworth puzzles - in your quest to save Doom. Yes, in this final instalment of the Doom Trilogy, the awful planet is doomed, and your mission is to save it! You may well have to make the ultimate sacrifice (one that the game's automatic built in 'oops' facility won't be able to help with)! As well as the Robot Dog Construction Kit (have fun building it/her/him) you'll find an envelope containing a list of clues. If you're stuck, look up the word that sums up the help you need, and note down the clue number. Type HELP >RETURN< followed by that number, and our famous on-line Help facility will be at your service. Its structured in stages, you'll initially get a partial clue, then a more detailed one, and so on. You'll be given due warning if the entire puzzle is about to be revealed to you!


ARTEFACT I can't avoid going to the artefact. Hint 76.

AXE Should I take the axe? Hint 92.

BLOBS I die if I touch the blobs. Hint 34. I've no idea what to do with the two blobs. Hint 44.

BRIDGE I die crossing the bridge. Hint 24.

BUSH The bush block my exit in the laboratory. Hint 65.

CABINET I die if I open the cabinet. Hint 73.

CACTUS The cactus blocks my way. Hint 6.

CARGO HOLD I get trapped in the cargo hold. Hint 2.

CAGED CREATURE I can't see how to help the caged creature. Hint 33.

CAVEMEN How do I avoid getting killed by the cavemen? Hint 94.

CAVERNS I don't see how I can move very far in the sandstone caverns. Hint 81 I can't get at the dog in the sandstone caverns. Hint 82.

CHLORINE I can't enter the chlorine environment. Hint 30. I lose things in the chrlorine environment. Hint 66. I can't find anything in the chlorine environment. Hint 74.

CITY I can't get into the city. Hint 25.

COMPUTER I don't see what the sign on the computer means. Hint 29.

CONTROL ROOM I get trapped in the control room. Hint 1

CRACK I die when I fall into the crack. Hint 69.

CREATURE I die when I touch the creature on the operating table. Hint 43.

CREW I can escape from the ship, but my crew dies. Hint 3.

DEATH I die without warning underground. Hint 20.

DECAPODS I can't get past the decapods. Hint 60.

DOG I don't know how to save the dog. Hint 7. I can't get the dog to follow me. Hint 8. The dog dies fighting the sabreboog. Hint 17.

DROFFID The droffid blocks my way. Hint 68.

DURANGO BROTHERS I get killed by the Durango brothers. Hint 99.

FACTORY How do I get through the door at the factory entrance? Hint 39.

FLAMES I don't know how to get through the flames. Hint 53.

FLUTE How do I play the flute? Hint 70.

FOOD I can't get the food out of the lair. Hint 23.

FUMAROLE I can't get the object under the fumarole. Hint 13. I think I did the right thing at the fumaroles, but I couldn't get the object. Hint 14.

GATEWAY I can't get past the north or east gateways. Hint 71. I can't get through the gateway. Hint 87.

GEL I die when too much gel falls on me. Hint 50. What's the point of the gel? Hint 52.

GLOBULE I die when I drop the globule. Hint 15.

GLOVES How can I get at the gloves? Hint 47.

GROBBLER I can't get past the grobbler. Hint 90. I die just beyond the grobbler - what did I do wrong? Hint 91.

HAWSER I don't see what to do with the hawser. Hint 85.

HOLE I can't enter the hole into the cave. Hint 12.

HUNGER I get hungry and die. Hint 83.

ISLAND I can't get to the island. Hint 84.

JUMPING I die if I jump or go down a steep drop. Hint 4.

LADDER The ladder crumbles when I touch it. Hint 5. I die when I climb the ladder. Hint 55.

LANDING Where should I land? Hint 93.

LAVA I get trapped by lava on the volcano. Hint 22. I get trapped by lava around the city. Hint 26.

LEARNING I die if I learn more than two subjects. Hint 35. Which two subjects should I learn? Hint 36.

LEVER What does the lever do inside the factory? Hint 46.

MACHINERY What does the machinery do? Hint 48. I can start the machinery, but it seems too easy! Hint 49.

MARSHALL Should I attack the marshall? Hint 98. The marshall gets killed by the Durango brothers. Hint 100.

NOTHING I die if I see the nothing twice south of the road. Hint 27.

OPERATION I don't know how to perform operations. Hint 32. I don't have the equipment to do the operation. Hint 51.

PARADOX Why do I get told there is a paradox? Hint 63.

PHASER I lose the phaser when I go through the portal. Hint 41.

PILL I can't get the pill and still get out of the solid environment. Hint 42. What should I do with the pill? Hint 72.

POINTER I die when the pointer breaks. Hint 56.

QUESTIONS How should I answer the N*O*T*H*I*N*G's questions? Hint 101.

RAT I can't help the rat in the smithy. Hint 59.

REVOLVER Should I take the revolver? Hint 96.

ROBOTS I keep getting blown up by the robots. Hint 11. I walk into robots after I leave the sill. Hint 58. I lose some objects when I deal with the flying robots. Hint 21. I get shot by the robots SW of the gallery. Hint 62. The robots kill me when I enter the artefact. Hint 77.

ROCK I can't pick up the rock. Hint 18. I can't get the rock where I want it. Hint 19.

ROCK BARRAGE I can't get through the rock barrage. Hint 89.

ROD I can't get the rod in time to do anything. Hint 6.

SABREBOOG I can't leave the sabreboog. Hint 16. The dog dies fighting the sabreboog. Hint 17.

SCREE I can't get down the scree in the artefact. Hint 78. I get thirsty and die at the bottom of the scree. Hint 79. I lose the dog down the scree. Hint 80.

SIGN I don't see what the sign on the computer means. Hint 29. I can't read the sign at the gateway. Hint 86.

SILICA I don't know what to do with the silica creature. Hint 28. I didn't understand the message from the silica creature. Hint 45.

SILL I can't get off the sill. Hint 57. I walk into robots after I leave the sill. Hint 58.

SMITHY I can't leave south from the smithy. Hint 54. I can't leave NW from the smithy. Hint 61.

SOLID I can't see how to get into solid environment. Hint 31. I don't know how to move inside the solid environment. Hint 40.

SPHERE I can't pick up the sphere. Hint 9.

TEST What are the answers to the 'test'? Hint 95.

TIME TRIP I don't know what to do on the time trip. Hint 64.

USE OF AN OBJECT To find out the use of an object, usually one you can carry, use Hint 102.

VOLCANO There are two ways onto the volcano. Does it matter which one I use? Hint 10.

WESTERN What should I do in the western? Hint 97.

WOUNDS I get wounded. Hint 75.

ZANGA I don't know how to pass the zanga demon holograms. Hint 88.