[This sheet is present in every of the Topologika game packages, which is why it is only reproduced once.]

ADVENTURE GAMES - Technical Notes for IBM/MS-DOS version

'Getting Started' Switch the computer system on, then follow the instructions on the disc label. The disc drive will whirr, and the program should start. Refer to the separate 'How to Play Adventure Games' booklet for details of how to use the program itself. If, after the following instructions, you still can't get the program to start, or you are in any way not satisfied with its performance, return it to us in its original packaging, and we'll test it and replace if necessary. This version does not use sound effects.


I wanted to load a game I saved a week ago, but I couldn't remember what I called it. How do I find out? The only way to research names of saved games is to check them out before you start a game, ie from the A> prompt of DOS. (Use the DIR command, as described in your system manual under the reference 'DIR'.)

I'm using a double disc system. Can I have the adventure disc in drive A, and my data disc in drive B? Yes. To save to drive B at the ':' prompt, type

   SAVE <RETURN>    The computer will respond with

   Please insert saved game disc.

Put your 'data' disc in drive B, then type:

   B:gamename <RETURN>, where gamename is the name that you are using for your saved position.

To get back to that saved position at a later date, type LOAD <RETURN> and follow the on-screen instructions, using B:gamename at the appropriate time.

I tried to save a game, but got a 'Disc full' message. This means what it says. The disc is full. You have two choices: either put another (formatted) disc in the drive or use the DEL facility, from DOS, to delete one or more of your old files (see your system manual for details).

I tried to sace my position, but it won't let me! If the name that you're typing is too long (maximum 8 characters) the computer will just keep saying:


until you use a name it likes. If you've inadvertently put a write-protect sticker on the disc, or if the disc itself is faulty, you will get the message:

   Abort, Retry, Ignore?

If a sticker is the problem, remove the disc, then the sticker. Put the disc back in the drive and type R <RETURN>. If a sticker isn't the problem, put a different (formatted) disc in the drive, and type R <RETURN>.

I want to back up the disc. Can I do this? The disc is copy-protected. Attempts to copy it may result in damage to the code. Replacement or back-up discs are available from TOPOLOGIKA for a nominal fee.

When I try to LOAD a saved position, I get the message: Open failure - please try again

The program can't find a file of that name on the disc. You may have just mis-typed the name (in which case just type it again). You may be trying to load a game that you think you've saved, when in fact you didn't! Finally, you may be using drive B for your saved game disc, and omitting the drive reference from the 'gamename' (see above.)

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